Date is: Saturday 31st of July 2021, 10:13:38 PM.

What is HD-DVD and Blu-Ray ? - Next Generation Storage Media Replacement for DVD

These are two similar, but competing technologies for the higher capactity recordable storage medias that are currently becoming popular and will eventually supercede exisiting DVD media. HD-DVD and Blue-Ray have a much higher storage potential than DVD, up to 10 times its capactity.

Blu-Ray is supported by the Sony Corporation and is the media of choice for the PS3
HD-DVD is currently being adopted by Microsoft for use in their XBox 360 console.

Blu-ray the facts:

1. What is it ?

Similar to a DVD or compact disc, the blu-ray Disc(BD) is capable of storing up to 25GB on Single layer and 50Gb on dual layer as opposed to 4/8GB for DVD and 700Mb for a CD.

2. Why is it called Blu-ray ?

Because the laser used to read the data from the disc is blue-violet in colour.

3. How much Video can fit on a BD ?

Around 23 hours of Standard definition(SD) video on a dual layer 50GB disc or 9 hours of High definition(HD) video.

4. What video formats will BD use ?

MPEG2 and MPEG4, with SMPTE VC-1 which is based on Microsoft WMV format.

5. Blu-ray and PS3

The new Playstation 3 (PS3) from Sony will utilise the Blu-ray format. This will mean much greater storage capacity for games.

HD-DVD the facts:

1. What it stands for ?

High Definition DVD.

2. What is it ?

A digitial optical media simliar in size to a DVD or CD. Each HD-DVD disc can contain 15GB in a single layer or 30GB in a dual layer. A blue laser is used, similar to that used in the blu-ray format.

3. What video formats will DB use ?

The HD-DVD system, wil support MPEG2, MPEG4 and the Microsoft VC1 format( WM9 WMV).

4. Blu-ray and the XBox 360

The new Xbox 360 from Microsoft now has an external HD-DVD disc module so that it can compete effectively with the Sony PS3 Blu-ray based console.

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